The Next Generation of Modular Storage for Above Ground Fluid Management.

Capacities: From 13,000 to 132,000 barrels

Ideal for environmentally responsible storage and evaporation of: Load Fluids, Fresh Water, Formation Fluids, Waste Fluids, Brine

Engineered to meet the installation and environmental challenges of unconventional resource development, as well as the short and long term storage requirements of large volume fluid management, the Westeel Above Ground Water Storage System represents the lowest cost, simplest to transport and easiest to install modular tank option on the market today. With incremental capacities running from 13,000 to 132,000 barrels, it is also completely customizable to the exact storage needs of your operation or site. Better still, it is completely reusable, and can stand up to numerous installs over its product life. No other above ground water storage system offers such flexibility, range of capacity or long term value.

Important Features and Benefits

Super-Strong, Lightweight Panels

Super-Strong, Lightweight Panels

Made from 50 ksi high-grade steel with extra heavy-duty G115 galvanizing, the tank’s side panels have been engineered to provide superior structural strength, yet remain light enough to allow installation without need of a costly crane mobilization. This is accomplished by using a tiered design that features heavier gauges at the bottom – where the strength is needed – rather than at the top. Compare this to competitive systems that use the same gauge throughout, needlessly increasing both weight and costs.

Faster, Easier Installation

Faster, Easier Installation

Westeel’s Speed Plate™ system (patent pending) dramatically reduces assembly and disassembly time. Panels are locked together securely using a series of five bolted plates along all vertical seams. This system allows a six-person install crew to safely erect or disassemble a tank in similar times to heavy welded-panel systems without the use of anything larger than a five-ton picker truck. This, and the fact that components are light enough that most installations can arrive complete with all materials including the geomembrane, geotextile and accessories on just one truck, significantly reduces the environmental and carbon footprint of each installation

Smart, Customizable Design

Smart, Customizable Design

Developed for safety and maximum flexibility, Westeel’s Above Ground Water Storage System is highly visible, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents for humans and wildlife compared to traditional pit systems. It is available in both standard models as well as custom configurations with tank diameters from 51' to 510', moving up in 3' increments. The modular design also allows for easy expansion, or replacement of panels should they be damaged. Additionally, they can be outfitted with a number of options including ladders, platforms, fluid indicators, piping supports and safety egress doors (for installs and disassembles only) as required.

More Tank for Your Money

More Tank for Your Money

Westeel’s Above Ground Water Storage System makes sound economic sense for a number of reasons. First, smart engineering and better use of materials delivers a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to competitive systems; a typical tank pays for itself after just two uses (compared to renting). Second, the system costs less to transport as most installs can fit onto a single truck, compared to the typical two trucks per tank of other AWSS, multi-truck wheeled or barrel tank storage systems. Third, site preparation costs are usually less as the system’s design doesn’t require perfect leveling (it maintains excellent hoop strength on uneven ground). Finally, installation costs less as smaller crews are required and machinery expenses are lower as no crane rental is needed.

Exceeds American Water Works Association Standard D103-09

Exceeds American Water Works Association Standard D103-09

Design safety margins for Westeel’s Above Ground Water Storage system are in excess of 2.5 times the amounts required by the AWWA Standard D103-09. Additionally, they can be manufactured to meet the specific seismic requirements of any location. Don’t risk your business to lesser products.

Rapid Order Turnarounds

Rapid Order Turnarounds

Westeel Above Ground Storage tanks are manufactured in a state-of-the-art Westeel facility using precision, computerized manufacturing techniques. This not only ensures a quality product that fits together perfectly in the field, it also allows for rapid turnaround on most orders.

Accessorize to Your Specific Application

  • Standard wall anchor bracket with optional tiedown cable

    Standard wall anchor bracket with optional tiedown cable

  • Plastic lines clamps

    Plastic lines clamps

  • Steel liner clamps

    Steel liner clamps

  • Optional support for inflow piping

    Optional support for inflow piping

Non Speed Plate Systems

For long term storage applications and where rapid set up time is a non issue our original bolt and nut fasteners on vertical seams may provide a more cost effective solution to your storage needs.

Pipe Supports

Pipe supports for inflow piping on the outside wall can be used to help secure inflow piping to the tank

Egress Doors

Emergency exit designed for install crews while the storage system is being assembled or disassembled.

Access Ladder

An access ladder makes getting in and out of the tank during installs easier.

Liner Clamp

Two styles of liner clamp can be used to secure the liner to the tank and protect the liner edge from damage. The plastic liner clamps are designed for short term storage applications where rapid assembly and disassembly is required, while the steel liner clamps are ideal for long term liquid storage.

Ground Anchor Cable

An optional ground anchor cable for tank tiedown can be attached to the external wall bracket (standard). Tank support plates along the base are supplied as standard equipment.

NOTE: Geomembrane Liner Required

Westeel Above Ground Water Storage tanks require geomembrane liners for completion, which are available from a number of independent suppliers. Westeel recommends the use of engineered liner systems. Please consult your Westeel sales representative for more information.

Installation Guides and Brochure


Download the Above Ground Water Storage System specfications (PDF)